Training on Work Planning, Costing, Monitoring & Evaluation and Reporting and Preparation of the 2021/2022 Work Plans

The Public Finance Management Reform Secretariat with the support from the Worldbank and several Development partners is coordinating the implementation of the PFM reform strategy 2018-2023. In order to ensure smooth implementation and realization of the reform results/impact of the programme, realistic work planning, monitoring and reporting continue to play a critical role in the…

Finalization of redesigning the, ‘PFMR Secretariat, the National Treasury and Planning Websites

The staff participating in the finalization of the PFMR Secretariat, the National Treasury and Planning Websites taking place in Mombasa are drawn from the ICT Authority, PFMR Secretariat, State Department for Planning and the National Treasury respectively. Representatives from various Directorates are also present to give their views on their technical areas of specialization.