The Public Finance Management Reform Secretariat with the support from the Worldbank and several Development partners is coordinating the implementation of the PFM reform strategy 2018-2023. In order to ensure smooth implementation and realization of the reform results/impact of the programme, realistic work planning, monitoring and reporting continue to play a critical role in the course of implementation. Some of the main gaps identified include costing of the work plans, progress monitoring and reporting. To address the gaps, the secretariat  organized a three (3) weeks training and work planning session to cover the thirty-two (32) implementing MDAs in the programme.


The training which is ongoing is  covering work planning tool, costing as well as progress reporting as per the Monitoring &Evaluation Framework.The work planning session ongoing involves preparation of the FY 2021/22 work plans for the programme. This is also in line with the Joint Technical Committee recommendation on early preparation of FY 2021/22 work plans so as to have the next cycle work plans ready by March 2021.  The training and the work planning session is aimed at assisting the MDAs to prepare timely and well-costed work plans that are in line with proposed PFM reforms. 

The activity is being implemented with strict adherence to Ministry of Health protocols on covid-19. The PFMR Secretariat  team of experts is expected  to review and consolidate the work plans by end of next week.