Vision, Mission and Objectives


A public finance management system that is efficient, effective and equitable for transparency, accountability and improved service delivery.


To coordinate funding and implementation of PFM Reforms through comprehensive action planning, work planning, reporting and effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation at National and County levels of Government.


PFMR Secretariat is committed to providing quality services to all and is guided by the following Core Values:  Customer focus, Results Oriented, Stakeholder Participation, Professionalism, accountability, integrity and transparency, Teamwork and Staff as key asset and Equity, fairness and inclusion.

Purpose, Scope and Objectives of the PFM Reforms Secretariat

The current PFM Reform Programme is spelt out in 2018/23 PFM Reform Strategy, is overarching all PFM reforms in Kenya.

The objectives of the Secretariat are as follows:

  • To enhance the collection, accounting and reporting of public revenues in the National and County Governments in line with macroeconomic fiscal policies.
  • To ensure participatory, effective and equitable allocation of public funds in line with National and County Government priorities.
  • To ensure efficient and effective budget utilization, accurate and timely accounting and reporting and effective scrutiny and review of expenditure of public resources.
  • To ensure accountability of public resources, oversight, effectiveness and lawfulness in the collection and application of public funds.
  • To establish and implement a framework for fiscal decentralization and to facilitate timely disbursements and efficient delivery of services in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • To develop a consistent and harmonized PFM legal and institutional framework.
  • To automate and integrate PFM systems which facilitate efficient and effective execution of all financial management processes, eliminate risks, enhance security and financial controls in all service areas including inter-connectivity of county units.
  • To ensure efficient and effective coordination, planning, monitoring, communication and implementation of the PFM Reform Programme activities.