KRA Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence(DWBI) Programme

DWBI is a data system for gathering information from several systems internal and external to KRA. The Government of Kenya in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden is supporting the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to implement its Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWBI) Project. The main objective of the project is to enable KRA’s transformation to an efficient Data and Intelligence driven tax administration. A Financing Agreement between the two parties was finalized and executed in July 2014.

The DWBI solution will enable KRA to aggregate relevant data from both internal and external sources for enhanced knowledge of taxpayers to facilitate evidence-based decision making. Useful insights from the aggregated data will also be provided using the Business Intelligence component for efficiency through enhanced Tax Administration Tactics and Strategies.

During the implementation there were significant vendor challenges that resulted in delayed project implementation. These have been resolved and the project is on track with strong Project Management and Governance Arrangements in place. However, there is need to seek extension of the programme to ensure all the components of the DWBI are delivered as the current financing agreement expires in December 2019.

The project is directly linked to the institutional collaboration between the Swedish Tax Agency (STA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). DWBI is one of three components in the collaboration and STA will give advice, support and capacity development on DWBI and the development of the DWBI.