The Program for Results (PforR) to strengthen Governance for Enabling Service Delivery and Public Investment in Kenya (GESDeK) is a GoK/World Bank/AFD funded programme. The programme started in 2017/18 and is expected to run for five years.

The GESDeK program is funded by the World Bank (WB) and the French Development Agency (AFD). The Bank is financing the program through a credit of USD 150million while the AFD co- finances through a credit facility amounting to EUR 30 million and a grant amount of EUR 1.5million for Capacity Building. The Programme focuses on Prioritized Public Investments, Reliable Funding for Service Delivery and Public Investments, Efficient and Transparent Procurement, Consolidated Staff Data, Timely and Quality Financial Statements and Audits and Strengthened Fiduciary Assurance and Transparency The objective of the programme is to improve utilization and transparency of resource management in selected service delivery Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). The objective is in line with the main strategic reforms objective of ensuring a public finance system that promotes transparency, accountability, equity, fiscal discipline and efficiency in the management and use of public resources for improved service delivery and economic development.

The programme focuses on the result areas namely Prioritized Public Investments, Reliability of Funding for Service Delivery, Procurement, Consolidating HR data, Financial Statements and External Audit and Transparency and Fiduciary Assurance.

GESDek Operations Manual

PFMR GESDEK 2018-19 Annual Report

PFMR GESDeK 2017-18 Annual Report