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Upgraded Public Procurement Information Portal

We are supporting the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority in Training procurement Officers on the upgraded Public Procurement Information Portal. The Portal was developed in July 2018 to enable Procuring Entities to comply with the Executive Order No.2  of Procurement of public Goods, Works, Services by Public Procuring Entities. Specifically the Executive Order required Procuring Entities(PEs) to publish all procurement contracts by the 5th of the subsequent month. The Portal was developed to act as  a central system for collection and dissemination of this information to stakeholders

Over the last two years the Authority has enhanced features of the Portal by incorporating additional modules to help in collection of date relating to preference and reservation schemes, use of direct procurement method and termination of procurement proceedings and general reports as procurement and asset disposal transactions.

The Authority has been working closely with the Open Contracting Partnership(OCP) towards mainstreaming Open Contacting Data Standard(OCDS) and standardizing the data published through the portal to make its retrieval, comparison, and analysis easier.Part of the enhancement of the portal was to enable it capture the procurement data throughout the procurement processes cycle.The Portal was also optimized  to enable faster navigation of pages by the public.

The upgraded Portal was rolled out in June 2021, through PPRA Circular No.3 of May 2021 where details of the registered Procuring entities were migrated to the new portal and those not registered were asked to do so after the roll-out.

Largely the training seeks to enhance uptake of the portal by bringing on board new users and strengthening the capacity of the existing users to publish more information on tenders and contracts.

Government agencies can now self register through the portal. This will enable them give more information on Tenders notices, Contract Awards, Direct Procurement Reports , AGPO Reports, Procurement Plans.

This training is very useful in  collection of  feedback from users on their experience while using the portal.