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The masterplan for human resources management in the Kenyan Public Service has been developed following extensive consultations with a variety of stakeholders at both the Public Service Commission and the Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Surveys and subsequent data analysis was employed in the process of coming up with the masterplan which has been bench marked against best practices at a global scale in the private and public sectors at both developed and developing countries.This masterplan is to serve multiple purposes. For Starters it is designed to standardize human resources management across the entire public service. Secondly, the masterplan has been created to promote the use of digital technology in the handling of human resources data with a purpose of making sure that data is always available to simplify processes and enhance decision making.

The masterplan has been designed to serve as a roadmap for a 10-year journey that will see the public service adopt revolutionary technologies and global best practices in all aspects of human resource management.In that light, this masterplan outlines strategies that are geared towards transformation of human resources planning and succession management, career management, exit management and formalize working arrangements in the public sector.

In addition to the input from stakeholders, this masterplan has taken into consideration various government strategic documents including the Kenya Vision 2030, the PSC Strategy 2019-2024 and government Big 4 Agenda. This is in full recognition of the critical nature of human resources in the execution of the public service’s mandate ensuring of the the success of the developments outlined in the Vision 2030. As such, this masterplan is aimed at reinforcing the strength of the human resources management practices already in place in the public service while addressing key challenges that impede the public service from achieving its maximum capacity and efficiency in performance.