Result Area 1

Sustainable and predictable fiscal space to deliver government programs.

Lead: Director MFAD

PIM Unit, IFGR, GIPE, DMD from the National Treasury, MoPSYG, the PSC, SRC, TSC, COB, CoG, CRA, Macro Planning Dept from the State Department of Planning COB, KRA and CBK

DLI 2.2 Improved Revenue Projections
Result Area 5


Value for money, performance & accountability in staffing for service deliver


Result Area 5 Lead; MoPSYG. 

SRC, PSC, SCAC, ASD, BD, GIPE from the NT, the Performance Contracting Unit (PCU) in the Executive Office of the President and TSC selected sector ministries


DLI 4 Consolidated Staff Data


Result Area 4

Value for money in procurement and contract management.



Result Area 6

Education Institutions, Health and other Service Facilities Effectively Manage Public Resources       

Lead: PPD,

The IFMIS, GIPE, ASD and Internal Audit, NT, and the PPRA



Result Area 6 Lead IGFR-NT.

ASD, BD, PSASB, CRA and GIPE in NT, CPMMUs and Accounting Units in selected sector ministries

DLI 3 Efficient and Transparent Procurement.
Result Area 3

Reliable cash for service delivery and public investment.




Result Area 7

Disciplined Financial Management and Accurate Reporting



Result Area 3 Lead; ASD

The Budget Department, National Treasury the DMD, ASD, GIPE




Result Area 7; Lead; ASD

The Directorate National Assets and Liabilities, the DMD, the External Resources, IGFR and IFMIS Departments and the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board and the CRA

DLI 2.1 Reliable funding for Service delivery and investment Project.

DLI 2.3 Reliability of Domestic Financing.


DLI 5.1 Timely efficient and quality Assured financial statements

Result Area 8

 Accountability Delivered through Audit, Oversight and Follow up

Lead Office of the Auditor General.


DLI 5.2 Timely, efficient, quality audits.
Result Area 2

 Strategic and Transparent Spending on Public Investment and Service Delivery in Line with National and County Policy Commitments

LeadBudget Department,

The Accounting Services, PIM, GIPE and IA departments of National Treasury, the State Department of Planning, Office of the Controller of Budget and CRA

DLI 1 Prioritized Public Investments.